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Misty Slopes

About us

EON ARCHITECTS is an integrative design based studio that strives to create meaningful, sustainable, simple yet ageless designs. Every client is special for us that's why EON aims at conceiving spaces for its clients that encompasses not only their own vision but also enables them to live in creatively designed magical spaces. It is wonderful how good architecture can make us feel, it can make us fall in love with the place all over again, each day.


Innovation, creativity and nature are cornerstones of our design approach. We strongly believe that architecture and nature are closely associated with each other in terms of form, space and ambience. Nature inspires us to design spaces aiming to reconnect people with nature.



Elements of nature are an integral part of our way of living and body. Like our body is made up of : Earth  -Bones and muscles; Water - Blood; Air - Breath; Fire - Heat and Space - Emptiness within….in a similar manner architectural design is constituted and modelled using these five elements of nature, which complete the design and let the spaces be intimate yet open, use of locally available material, engaging with natural light & ventilation,  Building intermediate landscaping spaces that create more productive and healthy environment, which improve quality of air and cuts noise pollution also allows the comfort of thermal atmosphere.


"Good architecture lets nature in"

                                                         - Mario Pei

Sanket Navghare
Founder & Principal Architect

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